Enter the world of eco-friendly tableware with Cookplay’s sustainable designs

The core principle behind Cookplay is to create a new range of tableware that embodies natural shapes and sustainable materials. With their expertise in industrial design, they aim to establish an emotional connection around the dining table with their organic and sensual creations, drawing inspiration from nature’s most fundamental forms.


From biodegradable materials to high-quality sustainable materials like porcelain or stainless steel, Cookplay has the expertise to develop exclusive productions for projects. Additionally, Cookplay has developed a specific collection focused on environmental improvement, called Cookplay Eko. Their passion for nature and the environment drives this initiative. Every year, they actively seek sustainable solutions and innovative designs to contribute to the desired change in the industry.

Diverse collections

If you are looking for eco-friendly tableware with dynamic design elements, Cookplay is the perfect choice. By embracing the harmony between form and function, Cookplay offers an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable approach to table setting that minimizes environmental impact.

Discover the beautiful designs of Cookplay and transform the dining experience into a moment of refinement and environmental awareness.