Experience the symbiosis of timeless elegance and contemporary design with Fürstenberg

For 275 years, Fürstenberg has been crafting exquisite porcelain with unparalleled passion and precision. This rich heritage symbolizes bespoke, unmistakable, and exclusive porcelain that stands the test of time. With its individual selections, unique pieces, exclusive decorations, and entirely new series and objects, Fürstenberg embodies craftsmanship and elegance.

Passion for the craft

Fürstenberg’s products reflect a deep appreciation for detail, craftsmanship, and artistry. Every piece is carefully handcrafted with a keen attention to detail, resulting in virtuosic surface textures, intricate carvings, and delicate perforation techniques that express unique personalities. Each tableware embodies an enduring quality that can be passed down for generations.

However, Fürstenberg creates more than beautiful tableware. Porcelain is also used for the creation of vases, sculptures, bowls, modern furniture, and lamp designs. Porcelain brings the elegance and refinement of white gold to life in every living space, adding a subtle charm to its surroundings.

High-quality porcelain

If you are looking for handcrafted, refined porcelain that exudes exclusivity and unparalleled attention to detail, then Fürstenberg is the perfect choice for you. With a tradition of craftsmanship spanning over 275 years and an unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest quality, Fürstenberg embodies the very essence of luxury and elegance.

Whether adorning tables in top restaurants or enriching interiors with porcelain, Fürstenberg offers a timeless and sophisticated addition to any environment.