Hering Berlin

Enter the world of timeless elegance with Hering Berlin: where craftsmanship meets sophistication

Hering Berlin is known for high-quality, hand-made porcelain with a unique design language and innovative decorations. Founder and product designer Stefanie Hering, herself an experienced ceramist, constantly explores the limits of the feasible in her designs. Although the designs appear simple, they require highly sophisticated technical processes.

Craftsman’s touch

Stefanie Hering personally selects and trains every artisan involved in the production of Hering Berlin porcelain to ensure that the tableware meets the highest standards of both design and functionality. What sets Hering Berlin apart from other brands is the artisanal touch that makes each individual porcelain object unique.

Masterful tableware

The plates are so carefully designed that they resemble individually crafted works of art. The glasses for wine, champagne or water are not only beautiful sculptures, but also offer the perfect balance between form and functionality. What seems timelessly modern is actually a reflection of a centuries-old tradition of culture and craftsmanship in the field of designer tableware.

Let your table shine with Hering Berlin’s exceptional products, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion.