Målerås Sweden

Experience the timeless elegance of Målerås Glassworks

Established in 1890, Målerås Glassworks in Sweden has been synonymous with fine craftsmanship for over a century. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every piece they produce.

At Målerås, designers collaborate closely with skilled artisans, including glass masters, painters, and engravers, to push the boundaries of glass artistry. Together, they bring creativity and precision to every step of the production process.

Journey to perfection

From initial sketches to final molds, each glass sculpture undergoes a meticulous journey to ensure perfection. Målerås uses a special crystal recipe that enhances the glass’s clarity and beauty, giving it a unique sparkle when hit by light. This dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail make Målerås Glassworks a hallmark of excellence in the world of glass art.

Delve into a world where creativity meets craftsmanship, and every piece tells a story of tradition and innovation.