Zwiesel Glas ♪

Explore Zwiesel Glas, where each glass not only contains a drink but also unites people in an atmosphere of community and harmony

At Zwiesel Glas, it’s all about hitting the right note. The brand embodies special moments and a vibrant glass culture inspired by tables around the world. The dedication, precision, and experience of the glassmakers result in exceptional quality glasses. Zwiesel Glas’s logo, the musical note, symbolizes the harmony of togetherness. It serves as a reminder for guests, hosts, and friends, evoking the beauty of shared joy. Whether it is wine, water, or cocktails, Zwiesel offers glasses for every occasion.

Sustainable Commitment

The brand believes that only those who act and operate responsibly can sustain themselves in the future. Therefore, Zwiesel strives to manufacture products with minimal resources and optimal energy use to avoid unnecessary environmental impact. They use local raw materials as much as possible and aim for a holistic and sustainable ecological balance in all their processes and products.

Experience the refined elegance of Zwiesel Glas. Explore the range and add a touch of luxury to your guests’ table experience.