Knife sharpeners

The Anysharp knife sharpener Pro makes cutting meat, poultry or vegetables easy thanks to a well-sharpened knife!

By gently pulling the knife through the sharpener 3 or 4 times, the knife sharpener restores the knife’s blunted cutting edge to a super sharp cutting edge at a fixed angle of 20 degrees. The unique patented knife sharpener uses tungsten technology to extend the life of almost every knife. It works on practically all knives, including expensive hard steel knives and even serrated knives.

The safety feature of the knife sharpener is the PowerGrip suction cup that securely attaches to any smooth surface or worktop, allowing you to safely sharpen the knife once attached. The sharpener has a polymer top that is softer than metal and not harmful and therefore safe for the metal edges of your knives. The sharpener is small and light, allowing for easy storage in a drawer or cupboard. Because the sharpener is equipped with a suction cup, it can even be mounted on your refrigerator or wall for longer periods of time.