At the moment, we are not actively looking for new employees.

We are a recognised work experience company!

Interhal is een erkend leerbedrijfWe are proud to be a recognised work experience company for senior secondary vocational education (MBO)! As a company, we attach great importance to working together and offering a learning platform to and for students in pre-vocational and basic vocational learning programmes (BOL and BBL).

We warmly invite students from the following courses to contact us. Send your CV and motivation letter to and we will contact you. Are you attending other senior secondary vocational education (MBO) or higher professional education (HBO) courses, but you are still interested? Do not hesitate to contact us by sending your CV and motivation letter to We prefer longer internship and final project periods.


Interhal is a recognised work experience company for the following courses:

  • (Junior) account manager (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 4)
  • Assistant manager international trade (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 4)
  • Commercial employee (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 3)
  • Logistics employee (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 2)
  • Marketing and communication employee (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 4)
  • Branch manager wholesale business (MBO BOL/BBL, Level 4)