Zwiesel glas ♪


Unmissable clarity, light in weight and elegant in shape, all features that make “Tritan® crystal glass” by Zwiesel Glass exceptional. Zwiesel Glass now brings the glass of the real professionals to your home. The glasses are made of Tritan® crystal glass, making them up to 40% more resistant to breakage than other glasses, and they are dishwasher-safe.

The beautiful Zwiesel Glass series cause the hearts of many wine enthusiasts and sommeliers to beat faster. High-quality, machine manufactured. Their thin-walled chalice, the fine stem and wide foot, it seems they are the product of a glassblower.

Extensive range, beautifully designed, surprising and recognisable series and an Extensive Basic Bar series designed in collaboration with Germany’s best-known bartender, Charles Schumann.

  • Toasting at special moments with a splendid glass. Cin Cin!
  • No use of heavy metals. Lead and barium-free.
  • Tritan® crystal glass, extremely strong and break-resistant.
  • Brilliant clarity, without a green glow.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Eco and ISO-certified. This means that the glasses are produced in an ecologically responsible manner, making them highly sustainable.
  • The glass used by professionals and the best for home.

Personalised glasses
Glasses with your company logo or creative expression are an ideal way to emphasise your company’s identity and a handy tool for your waiting staff.

  • Brilliant logo print. Available in any Pantone colour.
  • Also perfectly suitable as a promotional gift.
  • Superior print durability thanks to our UV curing process.
  • Environmentally-friendly technology.
  • Market-leading dishwasher resistance.
  • CE marking according to European legislation.

Zwiesel Glass – The glass with its unique sound ♪