Hard hotel porcelain

Schönwald develops exclusively designed hard porcelain tableware collections for modern, luxury restaurants, traditional banqueting, trendy finger food concepts and system applications for healthcare institutions.

A hugely versatile range that meets the needs of contemporary dining with a clear focus on the professional hotel and catering industry. Schönwald produces an amazingly diverse range of shapes and styles. You can choose from over 40 attractive porcelain collections with over 1,700 individual items.

  • Top-quality hard-glazed hotel porcelain
  • Long availability guarantee
  • Extremely impact and break-resistant
  • Unique option to produce smaller, personalised items.

This makes Schönwald one of the most flexible manufacturers. Minimum purchase: 300 pieces in total (so not by the dozen or per item)

  • Very flexible and fast production thanks to advanced logistics and production process.
  • Very durable, energy and water-efficient production process. ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.
  • All raw materials are fully recycled, energy consumption has been reduced by a third and CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced as well.

For professionals only!