Foils and bags

A revolutionary cooking technique for professional and creative chefs. The special foils from Carta Farta enable you to prepare delicate dishes in the oven, steamer, au bain Marie, grill plate, deep fryer or, for example, frying pan.

The foil tolerates temperatures up to 220°C (Easy 200°C) without melting or deforming.

Dishes retain their taste, aroma and juices thanks to the foil. An additional advantage is that you can cook fat-free and that your equipment remains clean.

Dishes will show natural browning, similar to traditional cooking.


  • Ideal support for ‘mise en place’ in preparation, cooking and regeneration.
  • Shorter cooking times.
  • Perfect for toasting both sides of sandwiches on a 180°C grill.


  • Prevents evaporation of cooking juices.
  • Less weight loss from the food to be prepared compared to traditional cooking methods.
  • Prevents the oxidation (browning) of delicate ingredients.
  • Healthier cooking through less use of dressings.
  • Valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved.
  • Less use of different pans and baking trays. You can even cook meat and fish on the same plate, simultaneously.
  • The bags come with a welded seal.

Magic in the kitchen!