Fernus & Friends

The oven to place over a fire!

Perfect for inside on your gas stove or outside on your rocket stove.

FERNUS can be heated up to 350 degrees within 10 minutes, which is the best temperature for preparing pizzas, flammkuchen or, for example, naan breads. Within just 4 minutes, they will be cooked nice and crispy with the leopard skin print characteristic of wood ovens you may have seen on holiday in Italy.

Fernus has an angled underside. This allows the heat of the flames to flow inside. Once inside, the hot air circulates, ensuring your dish is heated evenly.

Place Fernus in the most suitable spot on your gas stove, preferably on the wok ring (see also ‘Placement of Fernus’). Light the stovetop. The reading on the thermometer will increase very quickly and after as few as 10 minutes, a temperature of up to 350 °C can be reached.

We have developed accessories especially for FERNUS that are available separately. With the SnackRack you use Fernus for gratin or for frying with hot air. We also developed a SmokeSet to use Fernus as a smoker. Use your creativity and cook dishes very quickly at 350 degrees or go slow and smoke or steam on a small fire with 70 degrees. Many preparation methods are possible!