iSi wants to serve as inspiration for new trends. Giving a new interpretation to the way in which flavours are experienced. Giving dishes as much flavour as possible. Venturing off the beaten track and offering new culinary possibilities. iSi is always looking for new ideas to be able to combine versatility, reliability and creativity. Both at home and in professional kitchens.

Discover the wide range of applications:

Cream Whipper  – For making fresh whipped cream

Espuma  – Very successful and inspired by the dishes of arguably the most controversial and experimental restaurant in the world: El Bulli Spain.

Rapid Infusion – The Rapid Infusion makes it possible to flavour liquids in a short period of time.

Nitro – Nitrogen infusion results in a rich, flavour-packed Cold Brew Coffee of a naturally creamy texture and a velvety foam head.

Soda – Ideal for preparing refreshing, sparkling soda water in seconds; also ideal for preparing a delicious cocktail or a tasty soft drink.

iSi Inspiring food