Large kitchen appliances 

Mareno produces and develops modular large kitchen appliances for professional kitchens. The range is divided into the Star 60, 70, 90 and the 110 line, and (combination) ovens.

The different sizes and capacities make it possible to create a customised layout of the space, offering maximum efficiency.

In addition to its successful modular line, Mareno specialises in built-in appliances. MARENO’s built-in appliances from the drop-in system are based on the table models, but are mainly limited to electrical appliances. Since you are free in the design of the kitchen furniture, the drop-in system offers you the possibility to create an appliance wall which is entirely unique.

In addition to stainless steel, the equipment can also be built into worktops made of Corian, natural stone or granite, for example. The high quality and reliability of our equipment can be combined with your personal design and wishes. This in turn makes it possible to create a pleasant and practical workplace that is easier to clean because there are fewer seams. Available as: Bain Marie, baking and grill plates, deep fryers, induction, cooking units and pasta cookers.

The Mareno range excels in styling and competitive pricing.