Vacuum stopper

Small product. Big impact.

Maximum enjoyment, with minimum waste and effort. The Nanostopper® was developed for this.

The Nanostopper® is the world’s smallest and most versatile vacuum stopper.

It is so small that it fits under the screw cap of a wine bottle. This creates a 100% leak-proof seal and wine bottles with a screw cap can be stored horizontally under vacuum.

But the Nanostopper® can do much more. With the special punch, any glass canning jar with a metal lid can be transformed into a vacuum storage container. No more need for plastic containers, always the right size and 100% durable.

Or use the same stoppers to transform any airtight zip lock bag into a vacuum bag for freezer storage, marinating and sous vide cooking. The Nanostopper® is even suitable for reusable silicone ziplock bags.

Reduces plastic, packaging and food waste. So much impact on people and the environment – and yet so easy!