Vacuum & air pressure

Taste the magic of air, with the first source of vacuum & air pressure for the kitchen, bar and table. ‍

Airtender® introduces air pressure for kitchen and bar. In addition to water and fire, the element of “air” also offers endless possibilities for our food and drinks.

Negative air pressure (vacuum) allows us to store our food for longer. The Airtender® vacuums any vacuum container, bottle, jar or bag quickly and without any effort. Any brand of container or stopper can be used with the Universal Vacuum Adapter.

But also with positive air pressure (compression) we can improve both the quality and the taste of our food. The possibilities are truly endless. Connect an Airtender® accessory and aerate wine, marinate meat, prepare cocktails at lightning speed, vacuum ‘next level’ and much more.

Aerating wine, mixing cocktails, marinating food & much more: Airtender will change the way you create & experience the taste. ‍

Because it is not just air. It’s magic.