Placemats, table runners and mats

Sandy Chilewich’s design studio, office and showroom have been located in New York since 1996. Sandy has been combining her interest in fibres with colour and experimenting with it since 1977. The final result is a highly innovative product: vinyl “textile” with a wide variety of options. Sandy Chilewich has won several awards for her pioneering work. All Chilewich products are made in the US and sold worldwide.

By using woven vinyl fibres, the so-called Plynyl, Chilewich products excel in durability and style. Chilewich supplies placemats in many weaving patterns and colour nuances, among other things. The placemats are used as attractive table decoration in many reputable restaurants and the Chilewich placemats will be an asset for your set table as well.

As an agency we distribute Chilewich exclusively for the Benelux countries.