GASTRO tableware stimulates the senses, taste and creativity. With GASTRO, Ron Blaauw creates a stylish tableware set that radiates passion and love for cooking and that dares to be different at the same time. Its organic shape and natural look make GASTRO the perfect choice for any exclusive gastronomic experience.

The design is based on the inspired vision of master chef Ron Blaauw and developed in collaboration with design studio Mieke Cuppen. GASTRO is made from 100% natural materials, which means that the ceramic is always uniquely and organically shaped. This makes GASTRO truly Organic Stoneware!

The collection consists of plates, coupe plates, (serving) dishes and cups. Mixing and matching the different items creates a wide variety of possibilities to present each dish in a unique way.

GASTRO Stoneware is dishwasher-safe and suitable for use in the microwave and oven.

“The essence of delicious cooking is staying close to yourself and daring to be creative, the best inspiration comes from your heart.” Ron Blaauw