Experimental cooking

Molécule-R helps you on your way with various packages. Step by step, they teach you the art of making colourful creations through chemical reactions. Balsamic pearls on the salad, lime foam on your tequila shot or how about a mojito flavour ball exploding in your mouth?
The molecular kitchen in which we completely transform the texture of a dish consists of three extraordinary techniques:

Make one large or several small balls from various ingredients. For example, this technique can summarize the flavour of an aperitif in a single flavour ball. The presentation is fantastic, the flavour experience top notch!

This transforms every type of liquid into a light and tasty foam. The additives ensure that by using the hand mixer, you can mix a certain substance into a consistent foam. This foam, which can of course take on various flavours, is the icing on the cocktail or the topping on your snacks. For example, opt for sugar foam on your mojito, cranberry foam on the Cosmopolitan or tzatziki meringues on toast …

Gelatin preparation
This technique allows you to create true works of art! With the help of various tools, you can prepare colourful spaghetti from arugula salad, Parmesan or chocolate, make caviar balls from melon with ham …

Make these Mojito R-evolutions all by yourself! The starter kit is an introduction for every amateur chef: all parts included in the package will help you on your way! Follow the recipe book to know what to do, what to add and when… You can also watch lots of help videos online!